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What is PSO?
The mission of the Parent School Organization of Good Counsel Academy Elementary is to create a forum for communication between the school and the parents, and to help build communitiy spirit among the students and families.  In practice, fund raising has been an off-shoot and strong component for certain events, but not all.
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How Can You Help?

The PSO meets four times per academic year in the school gymnasium. The leadership of the group is as follows: two co-chairpersons who run the meeting; two secretaries for compiling the meeting minutes and a treasurer, who reports on
the finances of the PSO. 

Both administrators and parents attend so that good communication
can be fostered between the school and families.  Minutes from the previous
month and an agenda are sent out the week prior to the meeting.

In most instances, we have students available to watch over younger
children, in the event you need to bring your child in order to participate in the meeting.

PSO meetings are the forum for planning events for the school year; usually planned the year prior so that all dates and times can get onto the school calendar.
Each program requires a Program Facilitator, as well as volunteers to run the program. There are both school events and PSO events, so why not consider volunteering your time at one of our events? 
You will be glad that you did!
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